Gillmeister Automatic PDF Processor 1 Virus free

Gillmeister Automatic PDF Processor 1

With Automatic PDF Processor, PDF files can be processed automatically. Any number of folders can be monitored to automatically print, rename or move incoming PDF files to dynamically named folders. A number of PDF document metadata can be used in addition to the content, for example to include billing information in the file path. PDF files that need to be processed can be restricted with different profile-specific filters – document text, PDF metadata and general file information are available as filters.

It is optional to extract data from text in a PDF file. An unlimited number of withdrawal rules can be created in a profile. The extracted data (after optional validation and formatting) can be used to name folders or filenames, and can be saved as an extract in a CSV file. Another task that can be automated with the automatic PDF processor is to extract attachments from PDF files, for example to store ZUGFeRD XML files, XRechnung attachments or the like as part of PDF invoice in the same directory.

Monitor any number of cases

Examine incoming PDF files and apply individual rules

Save PDF files in a structured way

Automatically rename PDF files and save them in dynamically created folders

Automatically print PDF files

Send PDF documents directly to the printer (, invoices or quotes)

Optional further processing

Perform the following tasks, run a program with the filename of the PDF file passed in the parameter

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