StudioLine Web Designer 4 Virus free

StudioLine Web Designer 4

StudioLine Web Designer 4 includes professional web design, printing, and maintenance tools such as a standard UI page editor, image storage and editing, image effects, print control, template editor, and web management.


Web design and photo editor built with memory

You create collages, edit photos and apply photo effects directly to the page editor and see results instantly. With Media Explorer, photos, images, videos and audio parts of your media resources. Image tools (filters) are used as needed when working on the layout of your web pages. Page templates allow you to accurately and regularly format objects with a controller and guides. Create menus and submenus easily for easy web navigation.

No HTML programming skills

Use the page editor to add content to your pages. Sort the required text and images until you are satisfied with the results. You are free to post content anywhere on your page using the various layout tools available. In fact, if you need to, you can insert your own HTML component.

Incorrect image format

In StudioLine, images are not restricted to rectangular shapes. The actual image frame determines the location of the click not only in the StudioLine editor, but also on the published website. This allows you to create complex image layers without creating and maintaining traditional images.

Shadows, borders, gradients and rounded corners

There is no need for external software to edit images or learn HTML or CSS syntax. With StudioLine, you can easily create photo objects using built-in drawing tools.

Design features

Use intelligent objects, called design objects, to automatically place text and images on the grid. Various layouts govern local rules, such as horizontal and vertical, spatial, and marginal. With this information, StudioLine will dynamically and adjust the text and images available depending on the width of the columns.

Photo editing reviews

Many photographic tools are available, such as white balance, mask or RGB combination. All editing steps are not destructive; are stored in the database and the original image remains the same. A few quick steps, and your photo set will look like a slideshow, will be published as an online gallery, recorded on a CD / DVD, or emailed to your circle of friends.


chival Made Easy

Organize your photos with unlimited text in system profiles and users or by setting words and standards. After all, finding a picture that matches a particular topic is a children’s game.

Mobile pages

Web design for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The web effects created by StudioLine have been optimized to work on all popular mobile devices on the Internet.
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Insert slide show on webpage

Just adding or deleting an image in your MediaCenter is all you need to change the slideshow, you don’t need to update your own website every time.

دیدگاه خود را بنویسید

اگر شما هیچ حساب کاربری ندارید ثبت نام کنید، برای ارسال دیدگاه نیاز است که ثبت نام و یا وارد شوید.