Wise Duplicate Finder Pro 2 Virus free

Wise Duplicate Finder Pro 2

Wise Duplicate Finder, a duplicate file management tool that helps you find and remove duplicate files by comparing file name, file size or content. Get rid of annoying duplicates and free up more space on your hard drives. Manage any type of duplicate

In everyday life we ​​download many documents, photos, songs and movies. As time goes on, they will charge your hard drive. You get disk space regularly. Wise Duplicate Finder can help you find and remove unnecessary duplicates, freeing up disk space. You can select any type of duplicate to manage using the Wise Duplicate Finder.

Search in empty files

After cleaning the files on your hard disk, you may have some empty files or zero-size files that you want to delete. Wouldn’t it be easier to find it manually, a tool that you can find and remove?

Manually or automatically remove duplicate copies

After the scan is complete, the program will list all duplicate files in groups. Wise Duplicate Finder gives you complete control over duplicate removal. You can go through the search results and decide which instances you want to remove. https://geradino.ir/pc-cleaner-pro-8-x64-x86-download/ But if you have a large number of copies, it will take a long time to select. So let the program automatically save one.

Backup and restore

Don’t worry about accidentally losing the wrong file. If you accidentally delete files, you can always restore them using the restore function. Wise Duplicate Finder allows you to restore it with a single click.

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